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This page contains the Site-related documents available at the public library and the GM Plant Lobby repository. This repository contains documents that are very large. Every document is provided in its entirety. Some documents are also broken into logical units called "Splits". These Splits are parts of the entire document, and are more quickly downloaded to your computer.

It is recommended to perform the following procedures in order to view any single document:
  1. Using your mouse, "right-click" on the document you wish to view;
  2. Select "Save Target As ...", and identify where you want to save the document on your computer;
  3. Click the "Save" button; and
  4. Once the document has been saved on your computer, open the document from your computer.
Document sizes are large, and the time to download depends upon your internet connection speed.

Copies of all Documents are available at the public library and the GM Plant lobby.

Interim Measures
RCRA Corrective Action Program Interim Measures Alternatives Review Report - East Plant Area 4/13/2005 110.2 MB 559 min
Split [1] Volume I of II - Text, Figures and Tables    46.4 MB 235 min
Split [2] Volume II of II - Appendices    67.5 MB 342 min