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On-Site Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest (AOIs) were identified in the Current Conditions Report (CCR) (CRA, May 2001).

The CCR describes the current and historical conditions at the Bedford Facility which may have impacted environmental media as a result of the treatment, storage, or disposal of hazardous wastes or hazardous waste constituents. 

The following is a list of on-Site AOIs:

AOI 1 Former Railroad Operations and Minerals

          Processing Facility
AOI 2 Waste Storage Area
AOI 3 PCB Storage Area
AOI 4 Former North Disposal Area
AOI 5 Former East Sand Disposal Area
AOI 6 Former Sludge Disposal and Fire Training Area
AOI 7 Former North Lagoon and Outfall 001
AOI 8 Former South Lagoons and Outfall 002
AOI 9 Service Tunnels
AOI 10 Existing Stormwater Lagoon and Outfall 003
AOI 11 Above Ground Storage Tanks (ASTs)
AOI 12 Area Affected by the Reclaimed Hydraulic Fluid Release
AOI 13 Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)
AOI 14 McBride Cows Disposal Area
AOI 15 Former Equipment Storage Area

AOI 16 Former East Electrical Substation 
AOI 17 Piston Building Oil Accumulations
AOI 18 Area Affected by the Henry System Discharge
AOI 19 Area Affected by Paint and Thinner Spill
AOI 20 Northern Portion of the Piston Building

AOI 21-1 Former Drainage Valley Under Hourly Parking Lot
AOI 21-2 Former Drainage Valley Northeast of Piston and Office Buildings
AOI 21-3 Surface Water Ditches Located Along GM Drive and Breckenridge Road
AOI 21-4 Former Drainage Valley East of Electrical Sub-Station, Breckenridge Road
AOI 21 Filled Ravine North of Die Cast Building
AOI 22 Tool Room Annex Dock Release
AOI 23 Area Affected by the 1996 Wastewater
            Treatment Filter Cake Release
AOI 24 Area Affected by the June 2000

            Die Lube 5150 Release

AOI 30 On-Facility Suspected Fill Area – Parcels 201 and 204





RFI investigative activities began in January 2002 to determine if any impacts exist at the Facility. Supplemental investigations were completed, as required, based upon the results of the initial sampling activities.

On-Site RFI investigation activities include the following:
• Soil sampling at the surface and below ground
• Groundwater sampling
• Sediment sampling
• Surface water and spring sampling
• Evaluation of on-Site geology

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